Tuesday, September 28, 2010


For any shoe geeks out there, here's what I found to be a pretty interesting discussion of the evolution of New Balance's recent trail shoes and the forthcoming NB Minimus.   I particularly liked the little slideshow about halfway down showing the development of the lasts up through the various prototypes.

As for running, I'm fresh off recovering from a minor muscle pull and have been primarily on the roads and lovely broken-glass-laden sidewalks lately, but am hoping to check out Raccoon Creek State Park and the Allegheny National Forest in the next few weeks.  Any thoughts or pointers on worthwhile trails in either would be much appreciated.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Check Out the Pittsburgh Parks Blog

The Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy has a nice blog of their own, updated far more regularly than this occasional journal here.

Check it out: http://pittsburghparks.wordpress.com/.  The latest entry is about the Panther Hollow, which also got some press in the P-G this week concerning the restoration work being done down there. 

I just did about 5 miles in Panther Hollow last night and may wait to head back into those woods until the work is done.  Lots of gravel, packed down paths in the valley, and some large machinery chilling by the stream took a bit away from the ambiance, but I do look forward to the finished product.

UPDATE 11/13/2010 -- The work in Schenley seems to be coming along nicely.  The panther hollows trails have a fresh coat of cruched limestone.  Bridle trail also well on its way.  With the leaves down and this nice white surface, Schenley is great right now for running at dusk and after on these dark days.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Burning River 100: Ohio's Ultra

Ledges Trail, Cuyahoga Valley N.P.

Here's a great play-by-play of one blogger/runner's journey through our neghbor's very own ultramarathon, the Burning River 100

It's enough to have me planning a daytrip to Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  I lived a few years in Ohio and didn't even know they had a national park.  Or hills, for that matter.