Tuesday, September 28, 2010


For any shoe geeks out there, here's what I found to be a pretty interesting discussion of the evolution of New Balance's recent trail shoes and the forthcoming NB Minimus.   I particularly liked the little slideshow about halfway down showing the development of the lasts up through the various prototypes.

As for running, I'm fresh off recovering from a minor muscle pull and have been primarily on the roads and lovely broken-glass-laden sidewalks lately, but am hoping to check out Raccoon Creek State Park and the Allegheny National Forest in the next few weeks.  Any thoughts or pointers on worthwhile trails in either would be much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait for these to come out! I love the MT100 and the 790 but this seems like it will be a big departure.

Roberto Cofresi said...

I've thought about trying the 100's myself, but I'm pretty happy with my MT840's for now. From the pictures, they look pretty similar to the 790's to me. Wonder what the development was there.

I've been a Saucony diehard for a long time, but since getting the 840's--which seem much closer to the ground--I've noticed that all my Sauconies seem to strain my shins and quads just a bit, particularly early in my runs before I'm warmed up. Not sure if it's my stride or what.

In any event, I'll have to concur on the excitement for the Minimus. Sounds like it will be a great training shoe for off-road.