Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Frick Park - Riverview/Lower Riverview Trails

I didn't view any rivers. Maybe I wasn't looking hard enough. But aside from that, you can piece together a pretty nice run in this section of woods.

Start by taking a look at the map, which you can access here. I began from the Fire Lane Trail, connected to the Fire Extension Trail, and met up with Lower Riverview Trail. This makes for a decent climb of just under a mile to get the blood flowing. Then you can connect in with the Riverview Extension and Riverview Trail and get into a mild decline. You'll reach several intersections where you can get on the Nature Trail, the Falls Ravine Trail, the Tranquil Trail... basically any of them if you keep running. They all tend to loop around or connect up with each other in that corner of the park, so you can extend your run or turn back at anytime.

The terrain is mostly narrow doubletrack, either dirt or crushed limestone. However, there are several singletrack trails to look for off the sides, particularly on the hills below Falls Ravine and Lower Riverview. Those can offer a fun descent or a quick, steep climb if you're looking to mix things up. A lot of roots make for good footholds on the way back up.

All in all, you can pretty easily piece together 3-5 miles without retracing your steps.

There are some sections of the woods that seem to be closed for rejuvination, so be mindful of the habitat.

As a final note, DO NOT PARK AT THE TRAILHEAD WHERE FORWARD AVE. TURNS INTO COMMERCIAL ST. I was informed by others that the playground on Beechwood is a far safer lot in which to leave a car.

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