Friday, February 19, 2010

Skiing the Burgh

The running seems to be getting a little harder around here as things melt and turn to ice, but things have stayed pretty cold in the Appalachian foothills south and east, which has made for some of the best skiing I can recall in this part of the country. These guys didn't see a reason to leave town though.


Cristina said...

I found you blog off google and had a quick question. I might be starting at U Pitt next year and I was wondering if there were any good running trails nearby. I'll be a grad student so not exactly a ton of free time, and I am hoping there are some options in the area.
Thanks for your help.

Roberto Cofresi said...

Sorry for the delay.

There's a pretty good set of trails very close to Pitt in Schenley Park. Nothing too rugged there, but between the roads and the trails there, Id say it's easy to put together a good loop in the 4-12 mile range. If you have a car to drive 5-10 minutes to Frick Park, even better trails.